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"Ms. Jessica has helped me when I was feeling down and had a hard time at home and interacting with people in groups.  She has also helped me when I had bad thoughts and found a place for me to help me out and get better." - Maria Stephanie Morales 

"I learned in camp how to make a volcano, how to make new friends, how to paint with my finger, and how to work as a team."  - Jose Alejandro   

"I can play, and play, and say sorry to people."  - Emily 

"Camp: I learned how to make friends."   - Andrew 

"I like to make friends and I like to play LEGOS and I like the teachers at camp and I like the classes.  And that’s it."    - Felipe


"Les fue muy bien. "me encanto" - Anónimo 

"100% satisfied, only reason they couldn’t come anymore was because their insurance changed.  We loved Denisse!"    - Anonymous 

"She is very caring and understanding.  She was very available all the time."  - Anonymous 

"Anacelis is great and she has a lot of patience.  She has helped me greatly with my son."  - Anonymous 

"Mirta was very professional."  - Anonymous 

"Excellent service."  - Anonymous 


"They are great."  - Anonymous 

"Denisse was very nice. Unfortunately, financial circumstances cause us to move to another area and change to local services in St. Cloud."   

- Anonymous 

"Very courteous staff"  - Anonymous 

"I was very satisfied with the care I received and would come back." 

- Anonymous

"Great experience, would recommend to others."  - Anonymous 

"Me gusta su equipo de trabajo en especial la Sra. Liza Colón ya que me atendió con mucha amabilidad."  - Anonymous